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The Narwhal

Thousands of B.C.’s endangered whitebark pine logged on private land

An estimated 19,000 cubic metres of the trees have been cut down on privately owned forest lands since being listed under the Species at Risk Act, leading to calls for tougher rules

Kootenay Living Magazine

Close to the land, An interview
with Bill Hanlon

Working with my partner, Eddie Petryshen, on editorials is always a treat. Bill Hanlon is a long time conservationist, horseman, and co-chair of the BC Branch Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

Columbia Basin Trust

Creating Destinations to be Desired

Back in August 2019 I had the opportunity to join three Recreation Youth Crew students up the St. Mary to document CBT’s new program co-developed with Recreation & Sites BC.

GoKimberley Magazine

The Lake | Cover

Cover photo for GoKimberley Magazine, featuring photography from an editorial shoot done for Alison Ko’s article, ‘The Lake’.


Columbia River Field School

Each summer Wildsight puts a two week long immersive learning adventure for students ages 15-18. Over 15 days, students travel the Columbia River by canoe while exploring important aspects of the river’s story through lessons in geography, ecology, hydrology, technology, economics, politics, history and culture.