Visual storytelling
for wildlife and wild places

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Mountain Thing

The Quiver


Even out here in the boonies, there is no compromise for great design. Digital and print, motion and infographics, and all the in-betweens: we love pixels as much as we love a good hike.


Memories meant to captivate. Our long term love with the camera has connected us with amazing nonprofit projects, beautiful people, brought us to world-renowned festivals, and landed us on magazine covers.


Our humble work is award-winning. In this virtual era, motion mediums are becoming ever more important. Connect with your audience by sharing your story or project on another level.

Mountain Thing is dedicated to creating conservation communications content. Our quiver includes design, film, and photography. Driven by our passion for wildlife, wild places, and water, our goal is to help make information accessible to all citizens of Earth, visually. 

We commit the work we do in the digital landscape towards protecting the natural one.

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