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The Untamed (goddess)

The Untamed (goddess) is an ode to women in adventure sport. It is a love song to femme folks pushing the boundaries and relishing in the untraditional, undomesticated joy of recreating outdoors.

Written, produced, filmed and edited by Mountain Thing

Dirtbag Fest 2015 | Runner up

Lilith Women’s Festival 2019 | Feature 

At the root of it all – for Wildsight

The wild supports us — nourishing that untamed part of ourselves. It’s where we turn for inspiration, awe, and a breath of fresh air. We are connected to the wild in profound ways, but our actions have big impacts.

A short created for a Wildsight campaign.

Written, storyboarding, most film, narration, footage sourcing and editing by Mountain Thing

12 under 20 – for Girls Do Ski

Girls Do Ski needed a short video for use across their website and social channels. We took to Revelstoke Mountain Resort to join them for an inspiring day with their 12 under 20 crew. 

Created for Girls Do Ski

Written, filmed and editing by Mountain Thing

ATLAS | 2013

The Adventure Tourism, Leadership and Safety Academy is a special career-prep academy based out of Nelson, BC. This short film is still in rotation for funding and promotion of the program, including in Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine (online). 

Filming and editing by Mountain Thing

West Kootenay U19 Film Fest | Best Sports Film


Produced, filmed and edited by Mountain Thing

Dirtbag Fest 2015

West Kootenay U19 Film Fest | Best Documentary

ITR Tuesdays – a series

600km from the coast, chainsaws growl through the valleys of the world’s only Inland Temperate Rainforest. Plantations replace ancient stands. Slash replaces rich soil. These impacts are forever. These ecosystems cannot be replaced.

ITR (Inland Temperate Rainforest) Tuesdays is a short-form educational video series co-created and co-written with Eddie Petryshen for Wildsight. 

This pertinent and timely series has (so far) reached over 30,000 viewers across the globe, and proven itself to inspire conversations and knowledge sharing around old growth and biodiversity in the ITR region.


Reels and other short-form motion

Find a small selection below of short-form social-first videos written, directed, and filmed.