Mountain Thing

Bailey Repp

Kootenay based designer, photographer, filmer, and dirtbag yogi.
Often found behind the lens on the slopes or dangling from a rope. Raising the stoke and giving a glimpse into what life is like when you live it to the max. Here to capture moments as dream-like memories and make your design visions come true.



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Even out here in the boonies, there is no compromise for great design. Digital and print, logos and branding, all the in-betweens: we love pixels as much as we love a good hike.


Memories meant to captivate. From commercial to personal, our long term love with the camera has brought us to world renowned festivals, connected us with beautiful brands, even more beautiful people, and landed us on magazine covers.


Tell your story- visually.

Our humble work is award winning. In this virtual era, motion mediums are becoming ever more important. Connect with your audience by sharing your identity on another level.

Inspired Work


Born and raised both by wilderness and sea, our love for nature and its ecosystems run deep. We respect those who are dedicated to helping maintain and better our earth. Conscious design is important to us in all aspects of our work. If you are a non-profit you may be eligible for a discount on our services.